uPCOMING PROJECTS and Partnerships

We are always looking to give the students, families and educators from our community opportunities to engage in new educational experiences that uplift them and the community as a whole. The following are projects that are currently in the pipeline for Educational Visions Organization. 

Marine sciences, environmental justice, and blue economy

We are partnering with the Anthropocene Alliance, EEECHO, and Gulfport Schools to work with students from disadvantaged communities, as defined by the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool, to expose them to new educational opportunities in marine sciences, new career opportunities in the Blue economy, and a greater awareness of environmental justice issues in their community. Students will learn marine sciences and ecology via the study of the Gulf Sturgeon and field experiences with marine biologists. We plan to host a Blue Economy Career Fair to expose students to the multitude of jobs that exist in this area. We also plan to plant seeds of environmental justice as we compare and contrast the plight of the Gulf Sturgeon with the Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool data for our own neighborhoods as students develop an action plan.


View The CEJST Data Of Our Community

Logo for EEECHO

EEECHO IS the environmental justice hub leader for educational visions

Project Partner

Aa blue and white logo

The Anthropocene Alliance is the primary director of this grant project focusing on the Gulf Sturgeon.

Project Partner

Students from gulfport central middle school will be served in this project.

Project Partner

Gulf coast Kwanzaa 2023

Educational Visions is working with the Gulf Coast Kwanzaa Coalition to bring Kwanzaa 2023 to the Brown Condor MS Aviation Museum to celebrate African American aviators embodied the principles of Kwanzaa.

Gulf Coast Kwanzaa Coalition

college events and tours

Educational Visions will soon be getting back on the road again as we plan to resume our college road trips! 

Student stem design challenge

In the Spring of 2024, Educational Visions will be partnering with the Brown Condor MS Aviation Heritage Museum to bring an exciting design challenge to students in Gulfport. We’re keeping the challenge secret for now, but details will be coming soon!

Brown Condor Aviation Museum